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Comfort – Safety – Reliability

UK Based Matrix Helmets was founded back in 2016  with a mission to revolutionise the way you see motorcycle safety. We’re committed to bringing you a unique spin on quality safety wear, ushering out the aged, older style of bulky, cumbersome helmets, and bringing a modern, sleek new style when you’re riding your pride and joy, be it in the city or anywhere else! All of our specialised designs are put through rigorous testing and exposed to our fully safety conscious philosophy. The end result that ends up in your hands is the result of perfect craftsmanship, and purpose-built for any purpose imaginable. Whether it’s racing, traveling, or braving the elements, you can breathe easy, knowing every one of our helmets is providing you with nothing but top-quality performance. After all, as a rider of such a fine power machine, it’s exactly what you deserve.

Our Philosophy

We are a movement and safety is at the heart of this special movement. We want you to taste the best adventure! We are dedicated to guide, inspire and equip everyone to explore their own adventures.

Our small but passionate, ambitious team here at Matrix Helmets knows that your safety as a rider is paramount, and we’re driven to provide you with the very best head protection that’ll both keep you safe, and make you look good doing it. Our staff and team aren’t just ‘hired help’; our members live, breathe and thrive on their motorcycles. From the asphalt to our business, we have the drive and ambition to deliver you only the greatest service.

Motorcycling isn’t just a hobby. For us, it’s a way of life, and it’s incorporated into our DNA. So whatever you require, you can be sure that anything crafted by our hands has that very DNA built-in. Take us with you next time you hit the tarmac!